Monday, November 12, 2007

Dr. Bhat :: The person to be!

Seemingly, I'm going nuts over the crazy ideas shared in our lab by this young lady. D'uh - so much of dedication, commitment, diligence coupled beautifully with intelligence. Don't know how come so strong a will to pursue PhD rests within her? How come is she so resolute to be the "Dr. Bhat" I have been eternally referring her as! No wonder such people exist on the planet to work - work for others, society building et al. This is no essay for any competition that I write, it is simply my observation of the unique set of selfless desires I see in such mortals.

To be a prof., is no wonder a good job. But to strive honestly, willingly to be a prof., turning down the lucrative option$ of the corporate world is a lot different story.

No. Weren't talking about a person aiming to live in a cutting edge research environment. With skills no short to lead a research lab here at the greatest of research institutes in the world, the dame wishes to teach - back in Swades!

The merits of gold and silver lose their weightage when it comes to the motivation, dedication and strong line of hard work of such people. What matters most is satisfaction.
Sometimes I wonder how many people have this well defined motive? I somehow feel it is these few virtues might come in handy while disintegrating the graduates of the Ivy-Leagues into intelligent animals and intelligent humans. From mere coders to the actual "developers".

Kalam ko Salaam :)

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  1. aaw come on Dr Acharya, she's not all that gr8 either. I shud know !